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Our company

Koken of Peru
It is a Peruvian company that is dedicated to the production and marketing of natural organic products such as Maca, Camu Camu, Cat's Claw, Yacon and other plants and herbs from Peru. Being our specialty production, industrialization and marketing of Organic Maca.

Our production of Maca and our Maca Processing Plant are certified as organic and ecological, by Control Union Certifications (License number 800719), which allows us to use the stamps and USDA Organic JAS International, to sell our products.

We export not only the demanding Japanese market, but also to China, Taiwan, Europe, United States of America and Canada.

Similarly we have started a lot of work to enter the domestic market; we feel that we Peruvians must return with the goodness of natural products Peruvians.

This year after several years of research work and technological innovation in our products, we have begun to reap the success of our work, been recognized and awarded by the Peruvian government and privates institutions recognized, nationally and internationally.
Awards given to Koken of Peru:
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