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Maca and Culture

     What is Maca        History        Source        Properties and Virtues
     More Info: "A treasure trove of Junín"
Here it is important to highlight and honor, that this story would not have continued if not for the cultural resistance of the inhabitants of the highland of Junín, in what are now the provinces of Junín and Cerro de Pasco, with their districts and villages as : Ondores, Palomayo, Acomarca, Tacrón, Carhuamayo, Huayre, Uco, Paccha, San Blas, San Pedro de Pari, Rispanga, Pampa Victoria Huamanripa, Corina Pampa, San Pedro de Cajas (Tarma) Sasicucho, Huarmipuquio, Villa de Pasco , Vicco, Ninacaca etc. All around the majestic Lake Chinchaycocha or Lake Junín.

Cultural resistance say, because these men followed for centuries by planting small plots of Maca or tarpus of this food because they knew in the collective memory through the years passed from generation to generation, without the virtues and qualities of this food as well as retained rituals and traditions of its sowing, cultivation, their consumption habits, such as the "barbecheo" and "curpeo", to "make the pita", of "sowing the Boleo" after "get stepped on with livestock "on their harvest and storage and consumption as dried Maca, etc.. and have transmitted to the present day, where everyone recognizes the virtues of this food superior.
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