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Maca and Culture

     What is Maca        History        Source        Properties and Virtues
Properties and Virtues

Maca is a plant native of Junín, grows to 4.105 meters in height has a long history of cultivation since pre-Inca times to the present, and is a food that has transcended through time and now KOKEN of Peru, in the third millennium brings to all consumers in Peru and the world.

Food is higher, thus counting on being healthy, energetic restorative, invigorating for its unique protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, in addition to 9 of the 10 essential amino acids, which confer properties and that preventive and curative is recommended for consumption by children, adults and seniors because it has no restrictions or contraindications.
  In 100 grams of flour micro pulverized Maca
PROTEIN 11 to 13 %
FIBER 3 to 5 %
FAT 0,7 to 1.5 %
Potassium 1627 mg %
Calcium 366 mg %
Phosphorus 350 mg %
Magnesium 93. 60 mg %
Iron 10 mg %
Zinc 2. 30 mg %
Manganese 2. 5 mg %
Sulfur 309 mg %
Koken agro-industries of Peru